Can I use the free images commercially?

Yes! You can use the images, for example, as part of your customer project (e.g. webdesign or graphic design) for FREE, even commercial (even without attribution). You can find further information to rights of use in the category license.

Are there higher resolutions for the free JPG images?

Yes, there are higher JPG resolutions (also available as VECTOR file). Currently it is possible to download the free JPG images in the size / resolution “1024x1024px / 72dpi” FOR FREE. Most people should be happy with this image size, there are many possible uses. My graphic works are also available as VECTOR file (EPS10) and/or in higher resolution (as JPG file ) on stock photo agencies. You can purchase the files there if you like my stuff and/or need other sizes. My portfolios can be found on Shutterstock and Adobe Stock.

Can I use the free images in HTML templates, PowerPoint templates, or in PSD files that I sell?

Yes, it is allowed! But you cannot redistribute the images as a file (stand alone). Use the FREE images only as part of your own work or design. It would be nice if you mentioned orbcat.com (e.g. credit, backlink) but it is your free decision and not an obligation 🙂

How can I say “Thank You” or credit or mention orbcat.com?

I would be very happy about that. “It is always give and take.” 😉

“You have to give before you take
and build before you reside.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I like this quote very much. I’m taking the first step with this project.

If you want to support orbcat.com, I would be very happy to receive a backlink (but it is not an obligation). In this case please use the following LINK-TEXT:image by orbcat.com” and LINK: https://www.orbcat.com)

Example: image by orbcat.com

…or just FOLLOW ME on Instagram!

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Thank You! …for Thanking Me!

Please also note the information on the license page!